Introduction & Rules

International Cricket League is simply unofficial league cricket for test playing countries played over a 5 year time span. To qualify teams must be test playing countries for the full 5 year period, currently 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2019. There are four leagues, one for each code, and one for a combination of the three codes. For the purpose of the 3-code league, test fixtures are valued 3 times that of 20/20, and one dayers twice that of 20/20.

Each side will play ONE fixture in each code against each other over the 5 year period. ANY number of matches make up a fixture. This simply means that the more matches played within a fixture, the less value each match has within that fixture.

For 'Tests' 36 points are available for distribution, with 6 of those points being awarded to the winner of the fixture, and 30 points available pro rata to each team dependent on the degree of success within the fixture.

For 'One Day' 24 points are available, with 4 points to the fixture winner.

For '20/20' 12 points are available, with 2 points to the fixture winner.

Points awarded will be taken to two decimal places if required.

It follows that for drawn fixtures the points are shared equally.

In the event of any fixture not being fulfilled, points will be calculated, based on the the average points scored per fulfilled fixture in that code. This rule applies if at least 5 fixtures are fulfilled in a code. If less than 5 fixtures are fulfilled in any code, the points awarded for unfulfilled fixtures will be based on the points attained in all codes.
These points will be calculated and added to the tables towards the end of the 5 year period.

All ICC official international matches count, plus World Cup warm up matches, although any bowl-outs or one over eliminators will be deemed as drawn.

Generally, I will publish a new post early in each month, which will include all the results, and the league tables as at the end of the previous month.

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